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Booth Smith Food Technology has its own offices in the UK, USA, Middle East and India.

Worldwide capabilitiesThrough our international network of consultants however, we are able to service clients almost anywhere in the world.
BSFT has carried out a large number of assignments and projects in over 55 countries.

By contacting us here at BSFT head office in the UK, we can coordinate a response to provide you with the skills and experience your project needs:

Booth Smith Food Technology
Ingleby, DERBY DE73 7HW, UK.
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Contact: Brian J. Smith
UK and main office
Middle East

Work and Project Experience in UK, Western Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA, Caribbean, Central Asia, SE Asia, India, Russia, Ukraine, Balkans, Brazil.
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Selected projects by country:
Pineapple Canning - Feasibility Study - Survey of fruit resources and planning for juice and canning industries
Baby Foods - Evaluation of existing and proposed new facilities Soya processing and baby food production. Food Factory Evaluation
Bakery Equipment - Market Research - Survey of market for automated bread roll machinery in seven European countries
Fruit Canning - Food Factory Evaluation - Evaluation of fruit canning factories and technical assistance in planning product and process improvement for export markets.
Great Britain
Chilled Food Technology Meals Plant - Interim Technical Management. Full technical management team for 6 months to supervise product, overhaul quality assurance system, train technical personnel and assist with recruitment.
Great Britain
Japanese Sushi Factory Full Technical Service.. Technical service to develop quality management systems, IT systems, product development, factory layout and planning
Great Britain
Fruit And Vegetable Cannery - Technical Auditing - Technical audit of quality control, manufacturing and engineering of fruit and vegetable cannery.
Great Britain
Cereal Bars - Product Development - Development of a range of cereal bars and other confectionery products.
Great Britain
Food Ingredients - Ingredient Sourcing - Sourcing and negotiation for supply of complete ingredient inventory for range of dried powder nutritional food products.
Great Britain
Food Technology Meals - Strategy - Market research for long-life ready meals and economic evaluation of proposed new food factory.
Great Britain
Meat Products - Market Research - Trade market research for delicatessen meat products in UK retailers.
Great Britain
Spun Soya Protein Products - Food Technology - Technical advice and testing programme.
Great Britain
Chilled Food Technology Meals - Food Factory Construction - Design and layout for chilled meals factory to EEC standards.
Great Britain
Dehydrated Vegetable Company- Food Technology - Planning of quality assurance system to BS5750.
Sterilised Long-Life Tray Meals - Factory Planning, design, technical know-how and project supervision. A complete turn-key plant for the preparation from local materials and packing in Aluminium trays retort sterilised Indian meals for long life ambient storage
Asparagus Cannery - Food Factory Evaluation - Technical audit and Replanning.
Veg Processing, Fruit and Spices - Feasibility Study - Industrial planning study for food industries in five-year plan
Bakery, Dairy, Pasta And Confectionery - Food Factory Evaluation - Survey and rehabilitation planning of bakeries, dairy, distillery, pasta factory and confectionery plant.
Saudi Arabia
New Dates Factory- Food Factory Planning.Design - Complete new date processing complex including fancy dates and syrup.
South Yemen
Biscuits And Sweets - Food Factory Planning and Construction - Design, know-how and commissioning service for turnkey contractor supplying complete biscuit and sweets plant.
Corned Beef, Packed Tea And Instant Coffee - Feasibility Study - Technical assessment of production units and export marketing strategy planning.
Dairy, Veg Process, Glass Jars, Pickles. Mineral Water - Feasibility Study - Survey of food processing industries for TACIS programme
Pasta - Feasibility Study - Planning project for new pasta factory
United Arab Emirates
Biscuit Factory- Feasibility Study - Market and Planning Research.
United Arab Emirates
Baby Food Packing Plant - Process and Plant Design - Food Factory Planning. Design.
United Arab Emirates
Tomato Paste Plant - Feasibility Study - Market and Planning Research.
Fruit Juices- Food Marketing Strategy - Evaluation of fruit juice processors' products for European market and technical assistance for European launch
Frozen Veg Plant - Food Factory Planning - Potato storage and automated frozen French Fries processing plant. Design and preparation of bid documents and bid evaluation.
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Food developments, plant design & technical advice - worldwide
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