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Food technology expertiseA selection of BSFT Team consultants, details, career and skills employed by BSFT.


Food Engineer and Process Designer
Canning, Long Life Foods Food Technologist/Engineer. Senior Technical Manager mutli-national petfood and human food . Specialist food process development, plant technology and management.

Food Technologist Meat Industry
MD of UK Meat processing Plants
Food technologist. Approved M&S, JS, Tesco Specialist in factory management, Trouble shooting

Soft Drinks Scientist
Professor of Chemistry. Career in soft drinks formulation and process expert.

Food Technologist Poultry Industry
Food technologist. Director of poultry process plants. Specialist in poultry meat prep and added value. Recipe development. Trouble shooting. Plant design UK, South America.

Food Building Designer & Food Technologist
Food Technologist/Engineer. Food manufacturing plant design and building specification, CAD planning, construction/installation project management and food plant refurbishment inc. airline catering, hospital kitchens.

Dairy Process Engineer
Dairy process engineering and plant design, installation management and commissioning. Major installation in UK and overseas.

Supermarketing Retail Consultant. Ex MD of UK Retail Chain
MD national low cost retailer and Main Board Director national high street retailer. Non Exec. Director East European retail group. Knowledgeable of retail market, marketing and retail management UK and E Europe.

Biscuit Technology and Production Consultant
Senior production and technical management posts in multi-national biscuit manufacturing group

Professor of Food Science
Chair in food technology at University Food Science Department. Food physics and functional food ingredient specialist

Quality Management Consultant to BRC Standard
Food Technologist. Specialist in meats cutting and high risk prep. HACCPS and BRC Accreditation
Chair of food hygiene professional society. Quality management training and accreditation expert

Food Scientist and Quality Consultant - High Risk Foods
Chief Chemist and quality manager of multi-national cereal and meat products group and quality management specialist with particular experience in high risk food sector.

Dairy and Ingredients Industry Food Technology and Marketing
Dairy Industry Management and Strategy Specialist. MD of major UK milk producer.

Food Technologist - Dairy and Retail
Food Technologist with long career in technical management in dairy industry and then with UK retail group. Quality management, auditing, training accreditation.

Technical Auditor
Career Food Technology Consultant with much technical audit experience.

Food Technologist Product Development Specialist
Career Food Technology Consultant with much Product Development and technical audit experience.

Dairy Scientist, Yoghurt and Cheese
Dairy Scientist, technical management in dairy industry and then with lecturing and consulting internationally. Renowned yoghurt and cheese specialist.

Food Laboratory Management Specialist
Former CEO of Food Testing and Environmental Laboratory.

Food Market Research Specialists
International Food Market Research and Economics Consultants
Economist and Food Industry Strategist Economists and International Trade Research Consultants

Food Analyst Lab Accreditation Specialist
Former CEO of Food Testing and Microbiological Laboratory - Chartered Chemist - Laboratory Accreditation Training and Lab design. Forensics.

Food Hygiene Systems and Training
Food Hygiene Training Specialist. Quality and Hygiene Manuals.

Food Technologist - Fish Industries
Food Technologist and International Fisheries Expert with strong training experience. Quality Management.

Food Technologist in Snacks and Cereal Development
Food Technologist and Snacks & Biscuits NPD Specialist. Formerly R&D Director of Multinational Snacks division.

Food Scientist with Soft Drinks Skills
Expert Witness glass & food packaging forensics

Finance and Business Strategy
Multinational Group Finance Director Business Strategist

International Business Strategy Consultants
Finance and Business Strateg,y Mergers and Acquisitions.

Food Technologist and Qualified Person (Pharma)
Food Technologist and Qualified Pharmaceutical Auditor. Broad food process experience

Nutritional Science Specialist - University Food Science Department

Meat Plant Architect
Architect and Abattoir design specialist

Dairy Scientist
Dairy Research and Development Specialist

Brewing Engineer
Brewery Engineer and Installation management specialist

Ice-Cream Business and Technology Specialist
Ice-Cream industry specialist and Management Consultant.
Outside UK

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Based outside the UK:

Construction Manager
Abu Dhabi - Construction Project Manager

Agro Commodities Expert
India - Agro Economics and Agro Commodities Expert

France - Chocolate & Biscuits - Formulation & Process

Fats & Oils Technologist
USA - Food Technologist and Fats and Oils specialist. Experienced in product development, technical trouble shooting and factory and process planning.

Food Technology and Business Strategy in India
India - Soft Drinks and Indian Food Market Strategy specialist

Bakery Technologist
USA. Bakery consultant

Food Technologist - Czech Republic
Czech Republic - Food Technologist and Quality Management Specialist. ISO and HACCPS design and training.
Outside UK
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