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Company - Sector
Abu Dhabi Municipality - Canning and Preserves
Ahmed Tea - Czech Republic - Soft Drinks
Al Fakhra Group - Saudi Arabia - Fruit & Veg
Al Hamed Group - UAE - Biscuit and Snack Foods
Al Jouf Mineral Water Bottling Company - Soft Drinks
Canning and Preserves All Seasons Foods - India
Anglia Canners - Canning and Preserves
APV Baker - Food Equipment
Bancroft Group - Finance and Aid Institutions
Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industry Corporation - Canning and Preserves
Banks Hoggins O’Shea - Other Consultancies
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert - Legal and Claims
Cadburys - Confectionery
Cargill - Meat and Poultry
CEL International Limited - Engineers and Project Managers
Cherry Valley Foods - Meat and Poultry
Costain - Engineers and Project Managers
Del Monte Foods - Canning and Preserves
Ethiopian Food Processing Corporation - Dry Mix Foods
Ethnic Cuisine - Ready Meals & Snacks
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Finance and Aid Institutions
Evesham Foods - Sauces & Dressings
Fisons Pharmaceuticals Limited - Functional Foods
General Industry Corporation UAE - Biscuit and Snack Foods
Ginsters - Ready Meals & Snacks
Gordons, Kippack, Crabtree and Evelyn, Elsenham - Canning and Preserves
Government of Ghana - Government Agencies
Government of Oman - Government Agencies
Grampian Country Foods - Meat and Poultry
Hassani Food Industries - Dry Mix Foods
HJ Heinz - Canning and Preserves
IMC International - Other Consultancies
Jupiter Asset Management - Finance and Aid Institutions
LFI - Dry Mix Foods
Clients include Food Companies, Private Investors, Aid Agencies, Investment Institutions, Governmental Agencies, the Legal Profession, Loss Adjusters, Consulting Engineers, Project Managers and Turnkey Contractors, Management Marketing Agriculture and Economic Consultants.

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Malaysian Airways - Ready Meals & Snacks
Mars - Confectionery
Meat and Livestock Commission - Meat and Poultry
Milk Marketing Board - Dairy
Min of Industry - Aden Yemen - Biscuit and Snack Foods
OC&C - Other Consultancies
Pannell Kerr Forster - Other Consultancies
Pearce Duff - Dry Mix Foods
Peerless Refining Limited - Fats and Oils
Pepsi - Georgia - Soft Drinks
Princes Foods - Canning and Preserves
Pura Foods - Fats and Oils
Quaker Food Service - Sauces & Dressings
Quaker Oats - Confectionery
Quaker Sutherlands - Meat and Poultry
Quality Milk Producers - Dairy
Rank Hovis McDougall - Bakery & Cereals
S&A Foods - Ready Meals & Snacks
Sun Valley Foods - Meat and Poultry
Sun Valley Poultry - Meat and Poultry
Tesco - Meat and Poultry
Tomen Foods (UK) Limited - Ready Meals & Snacks
UK Dept of Trade & Industry - Government Agencies
ULG - Other Consultancies
Union Bank of Switzerland - Finance and Aid Institutions
Univite Limited - Functional Foods
Univite Nutrition - Dry Mix Foods
Vester Group - Russia - Retailers
Welch’s Inc - Soft Drinks
World Bank - Finance and Aid Institutions
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Food developments, plant design & technical advice - worldwide
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